By: Aaleah Villarreal

Canadian black Jewish rapper

Drake is by far successful in his career throughout his years by his musical accomplishments and Acting career but what most people don't see the past is his mistakes and mess ups that got him where he is now.
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Early Life/Origins

Drake was Born on October 24th, 1986 in Toronto Ontario Canada.His real name is Aubrey "Drake" Graham.He attended Forest Hill institute but in the end did not graduate.He is Canadian and his ethnicity is mixed.
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Musical Accomplishments

In 2006, he released his first mix tape called room of improvement.In 2007, Graham became the first unsigned Canadian rapper to have music featured on BET. OVO (Octobers Very Own)is a Canadian record label founded by drake.Had written other songs for artists like Alicia Keys and Jamie Foxx.Drake has sold the most records for hip hop in 2010.
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Drake at the Grammy awards

Drakes Acting Career

Drake was on a Canadian TV show called Degrassi before he pursued his dreams in the music industry.He was also doing the voice of Ethan from the children movie Ice Age's continental drift.Drake was in a Canadian film called Mookie's Law.There was another movie he starred in and that was the movie Anchor Man 2 The Legend Continues.
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In conclusion to all of drakes success and accomplishments, many would say he is off to a good start in the music industry.