Asthma in School Age Children # 2

Asthma in the Winter

A two-fold challenge!

Some children who are diagnosed with asthma experience more asthma attacks in the winter. This is due to spending more time inside and the cold air outside. Indoor triggers such as pet dander, dust mites, mold and even wood-burning stoves or fireplaces can lead to increased chance of asthma attack. To reduce the exposure to these triggers, consider the following:

  • Don't allow pets to sleep in your child's bedroom.
  • Cover bedding with mite-proof covers. (Available at Walmart and other fine stores)
  • Keep the house cool and dry as dust mites and mold don't survive in this environment. Running the fan in your bathroom and the exhaust fan in the kitchen are two good ways of keeping the house dry.
  • Periodically change the return filters in your heating system.
  • Handwashing keeps viruses at bay. Colds often lead to asthma attacks.
  • Get a flu shot!
When your child goes outside during the cold months, protect their lungs by:
  • Watching the forecast for pollen and mold counts.
  • Limit your child's outdoor activities on peak trigger days.
  • Have your child wear a scarf over his or her mouth and nose during very cold weather.

Mary Harding ~ Coordinated School Health Coordinator

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