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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year and the Stoughton Area School District!

Over the course of the summer we have been working to ensure the continuity of our 4K learning. We are pleased that we are able to offer both in person and virtual pathways starting today!

Please take a few minutes to review this slide deck about 4K this year. Families that have opted for virtual learning can access their virtual learning on our website. Daily plans will be updated a week at a time.

If you have questions, concerns, know that we are all here for you.

With gratitude,

Erin Conrad, SASD 4K Principal

Sara Jane Lee, 4K Inclusion Support Teacher

Mindy Holverson, 4K Education Assistant

4K Virtual Learning Site

Click on the link for this week's virtual schedule.

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Meet the SASD 4K Staff

SASD District Administration

Erin Conrad, District 4K Principal

Sara Jane Lee, 4K Inclusion Support Teacher

Mindy Holverson, Administrative Assistant

Meet the Martin Luther 4K Staff

Stephanie Boness, School Director

Anita Symons, 4K Teacher

Casey Reed, 4K Teacher

Cathy Young and Courtney Erickson, 4K Assistants

Meet the Weebleworld 4K Staff

Maggie Gasner, School Director

Wendy, Vandermause, 4K Teacher

Heather Johnson, 4K Assistant

Meet the Pumpkin Patch 4K Staff

Natalie Richter, School Director

Kristyn Stiver, 4K Teacher

Cindy Oldenburg, 4K Teacher

Morgan Schindler, 4K Assistant

Meet the LaPetite 4K Staff

Kaycee Steele, School Director and 4K Teacher

Mickey Baldauf, 4K Assistant

Meet the St Ann 4K Staff

Kara Roisum, Principal

Jessica Matz, 4K Teacher

Jennifer Jansen, 4K Assistant

Meet the Reach Dane-Head Start 4K Staff

Erin Finger, Education Programming Manager

Karen Ottelien, Site Director

Amanda Johnson, 4K Teacher

Matt Janisch and Aaron Sampson, 4K Assistants

Meet the SASD Early Childhood Special Education Staff

Laurel Gretebeck, SASD Nurse

Lisa Buechner, Speech and Language

Jane Dean, Speech and Language

Janet Molldrem, Learning Strategist

Gemini Rewey, Learning Strategist

Melissa Johnson, Education Assistant

Amie Rivest, Occupational Therapist

Kim Kicera, Physical Therapist

Contact us!

Erin Conrad, 4K Principal/Kegonsa Principal

Kate Ahlgren, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Sara Jane Lee, 4K Inclusion SupportTeacher

Mindy Holverson, 4K Educational Assistant

SASD 4K Website

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