Man of the Year: Julius Caesar

by Ricardo Miranda

Good and Bad aspects

  1. What were Caesar’s good qualities or characteristics?

    He was extremely nice in the care of his person, and kept the hair of his head closely cut and had his face smoothly shaved.

  2. What were Caesar’s bad qualities or characteristics?

    His baldness gave him much uneasiness, having often found himself on that score exposed to the jibes of his enemies.

Supporters and Agianst

  1. Who supported Caesar?

    Gnaeus Pompeius (Pompey)

  2. Who was against Caesar?

    Marcus Junius Brutus

Changes History

  1. How did Caesar justify his actions?

    Did not accept the crown,Julius refused. He did that because Rome was just a Republic during the time and no one really wanted to have a king.

  2. How does history portray Caesar?

    He was a brilliant military leader, who over nine years of continuous fighting conquered Gaul adding modern-day France, parts of Switzerland and the Low Countries to Rome's possessions