The Holocaust

Dylan silvestre Academic 1

Have you ever wondered what the holocaust really was? The holocaust was some thing that Germany shouldn't have done because, a lot of Jews were killed and after the holocaust it was hard for Jews to find their family. As it states on, "survivors of the camp found it nearly impossible to return home"... it also states "as many as 12,000 Jews were killed every day." This is why there shouldn't have been a holocaust. Nazis should not have built concentration camps for Jews.

Jews could hardly find their homes. They were sometimes far away from were they lived. A lot of Jews were killed in concentration camps. The Nazis put as many Jews in the gas chambers. Jews were killed every day at concentration camps. Mass amounts of Jews were killed in concentration camps because of the holocaust.

Not many Jews could find their homes or family. Concentration camps killed mass amounts of Jews. This is why a lot of Jews were killed and, the holocaust was something that didn't have to really happen.