Biomass Energy

Advantages & Overcoming Disadvantages


Biomass energy doesn't create any harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Also no side effects in its use. Completely natural gas. Because of it's clean use, Biomass energy, when used in commercials, airplanes etc. receives tax credit from the US government. Due to that, this is good for the environment and business. It releases carbon dioxide but it catches it for its own growth. Biomass products are abundant and renewable. For this reason, they come from living sources and life is recurring. So they potentially never run out. It also developed as an alternative fuel and has helped homeowners reduce their dependency on fossil fuels.


Overcoming the Disadvantages

First of all, it is expensive. But you have to take care for and feed the living things. It's harmful to the environment by increasing methane gas but hardly pollutes the air as much as the others. It consumes more gas and it can take away animals habitat because of taking the wood from forests. One way to resolve that is we can move the animals to a different location and let the trees grow. You'll probably need a lot of land to combust it and far away from residential homes so you don't have any difficulties. But we also have a lot of land in the U.S so it probably won't be a big problem to find open areas without residential homes. It's better because it can be unlimited and we have to take care of the living things here on earth. It also doesn't have to take a million years to form. It takes about 15+ years for tree's to grow. If we leave the animals alone then the population can increase but no too much so we can have energy. They should leave off about 1/3 of the trees then after the new ones are grown they can cut them down. And just repeat so people don't have to wait.