Rural African Ladies Solidarity.

What does (RALS) mean.

RALS means Rural African Ladies Solidarity.

Where we work and what we do?

After seeing the extent of inhuman treatment and respect marginalization of rural women and that all these emenants some manners, customs, beliefs and cultures fauses many women were victumes adolescance their childhood, youth, and now the age of wisdom, or Adult.
All this has made rural women to lead a life of economic dependence after deprivation of the right to freedom of expression and the family ausein of the community to which he belongs.
In the same vein, often heiress sex widow or children of women has always been setting the gold standard is the common heritage.
After etitude is about twelve years in some countries in Central and East Africa, has the same bills shows
and marginalization are widespread.
Of this total, the RALS aims to correct these thoughts arrears through discussion sessions, seminars, brochures, flyers, posters, and even see scinematographiques scéances.
Having made rural women, it will even work directly rejoicing so long these rights confiscated and many other benefits.
Presantion: govrnementale RALS is a non-profit and non.
It had its inception three years ago, or from October 26, 2010.

@ @ The promotion of rural women in economic and social fields.
@ Encourage and support the spirit of solidarity ausein women in rural areas.
Support NGOs @ socio-proffetionnelles for the transmission of knowledge and resources.
@ The improvement of living conditions of rural women and their children.
@ Initiatives Appuiyer local groups to achieve their goals.


Range: Any Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa and Eastern Europe.

AREAS OF INTERVETION: women, the revolving credit savings, education, health, breeding, culture and agriculture.


> Breeding cattle and small volails. '> Small livestock farming and volails. "Cattle breeding and volails >> small.

> Credit ausein rotary cell groups. "> Credit ROTARY Cellular ausein groups." Ausein >> Credit rotating groups of cells.

> Culture of rice. '> Culture of rice. "Culture >> rice.

> Training of members of cotientisation. '> Training Members cotientisation. Training >> "cotientisation members.