Feathered serpent tribune

By: payten Nichols

Tecochtitlan, our great city

The search for Tenochtitlan

For many years the Aztecs were a wandering group. Until, Huitzilopochtli said, "look for an eagle , perched on a cactus with a snake in its mouth. Then you will regain your home."

They wandered, and searched for 200 years until the prophecy was fulfilled.

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Aztec agriculture

Life in the time of the Aztecs was much different from modern day. Mainly because of the way they got their food. Since their city was so full of structures, they made floating gardens called Chinampas. A chinampa was made by making a reed mat, putting seeds on it, and covering them with soil.
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The Ball Game

The Aztecs played a ballgame called Ullamaliztli. It was a sacred game played all across mesoamerica, The game was played in deep courts with two goals. The players can only use the chest, arms, hips, and legs. But there was a twist. The losing team was sacrificed.
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Warfare, and Tribute

The Aztecs were a very warlike people, their weapons were very refined. But instead of killing their opponents, they captured them for sacrifice. In order to do this they had to make as little marks as possible on the prisoner
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Sacrifice, and religion

The Aztecs believed that their gods needed sustenance, and that sustenance was human blood. So when the warriors came back from fighting, they would take prisoners to sacrifice in order to keep their gods happy.
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Aztec life

The daily life of an Aztec peasant would be to wake up early, and get to work farming the chinampas. every now and again they would go to the market to conduct trade. But as you climb the social pyramid life gets easier.
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Cortes, and the siege of Tenochtitlan

In 1519 Spanish conquistadors led by Hernando Cortes attacked Tenochtitlan, and captured Moctezuma. Cortes said that he'd set Moctezuma free if he got a lot of gold, and precious stones. But even after the Spanish got what they needed, they broke their promise, and killed Moctezuma. So a war broke out. Many were killed, the survivors perished of Smallpox.
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