My Plant

by-Brett Bisping

My Method

I had used a growing stick at the beginning and it started to grow. I watered it every day with a little more water because the plant was growing so rapidly. I had to put straws around the stem of the plant to help it be stable. I had put worms in the dirt to fertilize the plant. I use the water that goes through the dirt to get the nutrients that the plant needs.
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My Data

It started to sprout at the start of planting it. It grew more and more each day. At day 14 it had started to grow a vine. The vine had started to get larger and it got little flowers on it. The vine went from 5 cm to like 40 cm in a couple of days.

The Conclusion

The plant has grow on its own I did not make any changes to the structure. It has out grown the straws that I put to help it be more stable. The plant has very green leaves they are not dying or turning a different color. I think this plant has a successful life so far. And I don't want to change anything. It's growing well on it own.