Interfaith Perspectives

The Temple Sholom Interfaith Family Discussion Group

Who are we?

We are a discussion and support group sanctioned by Temple Sholom to foster an open, frank, non-judgmental dialogue about topics of interest to individuals, couples, and families who come from diverse backgrounds.

What does “interfaith” mean?

We like to think there is no one definition of an interfaith family. It can include interfaith couples where one person is Jewish and one is not, couples that include converts to

Judaism who still have non-Jewish relatives, people who were raised Jewish but have a non-Jewish parent or step-parent, Jewish parents of a child marrying someone who is not Jewish, grandparents of children being raised by intermarried parents, two Jewish partners raised with different levels of observance, etc. Our interfaith families may include those who identify their family as Jewish, as more than one religion, as a couple trying to connect two different faiths, and Jewish partners of non-religious or atheist beliefs.

Save the Date: Sunday, October 25 from 4-6 p.m.

Join us for a special discussion in our ongoing Lifecyle Series:

Interfaith Viewpoints on Death and Mourning rituals

Featuring: Rabbi Emeritus Mayer Selekman

We'll talk about these practical and spiritual topics and more:

How are Jewish and non-Jewish funerals and views on death and afterlife different?

Do Jews believe in angels, souls, heaven, or hell?

What happens when a non-Jewish partner suffers a loss or supports a partner through a loss?

How can Jewish family members support their non-Jewish extended family?

Can interfaith partners be buried together? How would the service look? Do I sit shiva (and how)?

How can we as a community best address the needs of our Interfaith Families?

On-site babysitting will be available (please RSVP).

Questions? We would love to hear from you!

Helena Poch Ciechanowski (215)431-4627 or

Walt Ciechanowski

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