The battle of Tannenberg

By Lindsay

Battle of Tannenberg

The Battle of Tannenberg took place from August 26th to August 30th, 1914. The Battle of Tannenberg happened during the first month of World War I. Even though it was much closer to Allenstein, the Germans named it Tannenberg to get vengeance for an earlier battle fought in 1410.

What caused the Battle of Tannenberg?

Russia had two armies and Germany only had one. Russia took their second army and invaded Eastern Germany with success, but Germany took all the soldiers and attacked Russia's second army. Germany destroyed Russia's second army. What was left of Russia's second army never entered Germany again during World War I.

Who was this battle betwen and why were they fighting?

This battle was between Russia and Germany. Russia had more soldiers. They had 206,000 and there were only 160,000 German soldiers. After Germany defeated Russia's second army, they were going to go after Russia's first army.