Fully Automatic Weapons

Should they be banned or not?

What is a fully automatic weapon?

An fully automatic firearm continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed or held and there is ammunition in the magazine. Fully Automatic weapons tend to be restricted to military and police organizations in most developed countries.

The threat of terrorism, guns getting into the wrong hands, and guns being used for the wrong reasons are why fully automatic weapons should be banned in United States.

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Guns getting into the wrong hands

Criminals are getting guns from stealing them from people who have legally bought them so make sure you lock up your guns. Also criminals get them from straw purchase sales which is where you buy a gun without legally purchasing it. Where fully automatic weapons are permitted use may be much more severe than any other firearms. State laws prohibit giving anyone a fully automatic weapon.


Terrible mass shootings plague the corners of this by gun violence and terriorism. Many type of gun laws are effective at reducing gun death, injuries, keeping guns away from criminals and other prohibited people, and fighting illegal gun trafficking. This is one reason why we should ban fully automatic weapons because it reduces lots of deaths and crimes.

Military and Police Personnel

Fully automatic weapons are more dangerous then regular guns because when you pull down the trigger it fires more than one shot repeatedly until the magazine is empty. That is why they should be just restricted to the military and police force.
Saiga-12 Full Auto Shotgun (w/ Slow Motion)