Welcome to Athens

by Joel Maragoto

Come to Athens our polis is so beautiful!!!

things Athens accomplished

  • Athens is the most economical polis around Greece.
  • We also made democracy.
  • we also have the strongest naval army.

Things you can learn in school

we teach you...

Language Arts



Things you might want to visit

our activates

we do...

  • Theater if your interested.
  • Physical activities like running or wrestling.
  • Artwork like painting.
  • If your really good at athletics then come join the Olympics.
Ancient Sites of Athens

what kind of democracy do we have?

We the People of Athens were the first to establish democracy. So, don't worry you run Athens not kings or queens like Sparta over here.

things you don't need to worry about

Spartans or Persians might attack us but don't worry the gods will protect us...

We Athens...

give land to the poor so they can vote with the rich.