Life Skills ~ Business

What I have learned! By: Mackenzie Murtoff

Deposit Slips

I have learned how to fill out a deposit slip. There are 9 parts to a deposit slip.

1. The Date

2. Your Name (printed+first and last name)

3. The Account Number

4. Your Name (Signed+first and last name)

5. The Amount in Cash Money

6. The Amount in Check Money

7. The Sub Total

8. The Less Cash Back

9. The Net Deposit

All of these things are important to the bank and your account. Every time you want to put money into your bank account, you have to fill out a deposit slip.


In Life Skills Business, I have learned how to fill out a check. There are 11 parts to check

1. Your Name and Address

2. The Check Number

3. The Bank Name

4. The Routing Number

5. Your Account Number

6. The Date

7. The Payee

8. The Written Amount

9. The Legal Amount

10. The Memo

11. The Signature

Checks are helpful for when you need to pay for something but don't have the money on you. You can see if someone cashed your check by looking at your account and seeing if there is a money difference.

Bills / Balancing a Check Book

Every time you deposit money, take out money, deposit a check, or pay a bill you have to have to put it into your checkbook. You should do this to make sure you know how much money you have left in your account, to see where your money went, or if/when your account is stolen from to show the insurance company that you didn't take that money out.
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One thing that will affect me the most in the future.

I think that balancing a check book will affect me the most in the future. I want to make sure where my money is at all times and how much i have in my account. I will make sure i will use this in the future.