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August 6th, 2021

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A note from Mrs. Poncho

Happy Friday, Snyder families! It’s almost time to start back to school, and we are excited to welcome you to the new year! Below is some new and some repeated information. Here we go…

See you soon!

Crystal Poncho

CISD Update from Dr. Null 8-6-2021

Conroe ISD Update - August 6, 2021

Important information and updates

Instructional Setting – All instruction will be face to face. We will not have virtual learning this year.

New students – If you know of a student who will be new to Snyder, please encourage them to register their child ASAP to ensure we are staffed appropriately, and that their child is assigned to a teacher for the beginning of the year. Please register at .

Returning students – Check your email for a message about updating your child’s information/registration using a snap code. This email has the link you need to update your child’s information to assure they are placed with a teacher for the beginning of the year. Emails were sent towards the beginning of July. All returning verifications are due by July 30 to ensure your child is assigned a teacher for the new year.

Free or Reduced Lunch Application - This application must be completed every year to qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch pricing. Your previous enrollment does not carry over from year to year. Please complete this form starting on July 19 if you feel you may qualify for free or reduced lunch pricing:

August 6th: Classroom assignments

You should hear from your child’s homeroom teacher by the end of the day today Friday, August 6th. If you are not contacted by phone or through email on August 6th, you may contact the front office on Monday, August 9th.

To assist with traffic, parking, and social distancing, please limit your visitors to our Snyder students and a max of two adults only. Please do not bring more visitors than requested. Sharkys Sno will be set up out front for a nice treat and Spirit wear will be available for purchase.

August 9: Lil Stallion Social

We look forward to having a special event for our incoming PreK and Kindergarten students. The "Lil Stallion Social" will take place from 3:00-4:00 PM. Parents, please bring your PreK and/or kindergarten child and attend an orientation to learn all about Snyder.

Students will become acquainted with their classmates and teacher, while Snyder administration shares information with you in the cafeteria.

August 9 : Meet the Teacher will take place from 4:30-6:30 PM.

This is a "Come and Go" event. Please come by and meet the teachers and admin team. Additionally, you will be able to drop off school supplies, find out about bus transportation, and purchase spirit wear. Sharkys Sno will also be available for purchase in the parking lot!

  • You are welcome to enter through the main door; however, in an effort to minimize traffic in the hallways, as well as crowd size, we are allowing families to enter directly into the building using the exterior door connected to your child's hallway.
  • We will have staff members available to assist you in finding the exterior door that leads to your child's classroom.

August 11: First Day of School! To assist with traffic, parking, and social distancing, please limit your visitors to our Snyder students and a max of two adults only. Please do not bring more visitors than requested.

Doors will open at 7:15 AM. To decrease the amount of people in the hallways please see the below schedule for the first day, IF you plan to walk your kinder student to class.

7:15 - 7:35 Student last names A-L

7:35 - 8:00 Student last names M-Z

8:00 First day of school begins!

Arrival - We will open the front door at 7:15 am. To assist with traffic, parking, and social distancing, please limit your visitors to our Snyder Stallion students and a max of two adults only – preferably only one if possible. Please do not bring more visitors than requested. You are encouraged to wear a mask.

  • Buses and car rider will be ready to receive students who arrive independently as well! All bus riders are required to be registered to ride the bus. You can do this at

August 24: Parent Info Night

This is a "parents only" information session with your child's teacher. Come and learn all about the upcoming curriculum, academic and social expectations, discipline policies, and homework.

· 5:00 PM - PreK-1st grade

· 6:00 PM - 2nd-4th grade

More dates, info, and details will come closer to the start of school, but hopefully that’s enough to get started for now! We are excited for the 2021-2022 school year and will see you soon!

Snyder Procedures

After the 1st day of school

Parents will not be able to walk students into the building, but we will have plenty of adults to help get your child to their classroom safely.


School begins at 8:00 am. Our doors will open at 7:15 am every school day. We hope that by allowing extra time, this will continue to alleviate the traffic.

Please note that the busiest time to drop off is between 7:50-8:00 AM. Prior to this, there are few cars on Birnham Woods Drive. Please take this into consideration. Additionally, please carpool if possible. For students arriving between 7:15-7:30 am, they will go straight to the recess playground for extra play. Staff members will be on duty to supervise and monitor the students. When the bell rings at 7:30 AM, students will go to class, and meet their teacher.


School dismisses at 3:10 pm. Please understand that the dismissal process on the first day of school is SLOW. The car rider line may take up to an hour, and buses could run behind. Please have patience with us, as it is very important that each child is safe. Each day, the wait times will get much shorter.

It is important for your child to keep their backpack tag on their backpack to assist with our safely procedures during dismissal. Please pay close attention to the dismissal forms your child’s teacher will have you complete. This information is very important to assist us with accurate dismissal.

If your child is riding the bus, please take the time to meet the driver, if possible. It helps them to see a face and it helps them to remember which children get off at the different stops. PK and Kindergarten students MUST have an adult at the bus stop to greet them. In addition, the adult needs to have the sign that was provided to them from the teacher. No PK or Kindergarten children will be released without an adult. If your child does not get off the bus, please call Snyder to verify they loaded the bus. Often times, children fall asleep on the ride home and miss their stop.

The District encourages parents to transport their children if they are able to do so safely to help reduce the number of students using transportation; this would allow for more social distancing for those using bus transportation.

  • Walker/Biker – PreK/K students are required to have a parent at our walker/biker dismissal locations with a sign with the student name to be released.

As a reminder, during dismissal no students will be able to meet their parents in our parking lot, near the tennis courts, or any of the school doors if they are a "walker/biker." Please be advised there are two Walker lines: Benders/Harmony/ALL Bikers and Lockeridge. Each line has a different exit point.

Benders/Harmony Walkers/ALL Bikers:

· Will be escorted by Snyder staff to the York track entrance

· Coach Long will assist them across the street

· Students will travel on the sidewalk unescorted towards Waterbend Cove

· Parents are welcome to meet their student on the other side of the entrance by the track

Lockeridge; Cox/York Walkers:

· Will come out the back of the building

· Will be escorted by Snyder staff to the entrance of the neighborhood

· Cox/York students will travel with this line, as well, and be released to school staff at a designated location for each school

Lastly, if you send a note with your child for a change of transportation to be a walker, please write if they will be walking as a Benders/Harmony walker, or Lockeridge walker.

  • Daycare: Please verify with your daycare that they pick up at Snyder and that your child is registered to ride their bus at dismissal.

  • Car rider: If your child is a car rider, you must have a completed car rider sign to show at dismissal. You will pick this up at Meet and Greet. Please write your child’s name(s) in BIG, BOLD, DARK writing to help read your sign. Car rider is a “follow the leader” activity, with patience please. For the first day, you can expect car rider to last at least one hour. But don’t worry, we get better with time and usually have it down to 25 minutes after practice.

Please Do Not start forming the car rider line in front of the school before 2:00.

  • During the school day, this fire lane needs to stay clear for emergency vehicles only. It is imperative that the lane in front of the school is clear any time before 2:00pm

Please be sure that your child can enter the car by the door closest to the curb.

  • Due to the safety of our patrols and students, we ask that you do not park and get out of the car to open the passenger door on the driver’s side. This is not only unsafe, but it also slows the flow of the car rider line.

Please have patience with us.... the first week is slow.... it is our utmost priority that we have a fun and SAFE week with our children.

Safe Return to In Person Instruction

Masks/Face Coverings update:

COVID positivity cases are being monitored in our area closely. As a result, we will continue with some safety measures for everyone. Due to the increased positivity rate in our area, masks are encouraged for all students, staff, and visitors. Our Stallions should feel comfortable in their personal decision to wear a mask or not, but masks are encouraged. COVID positive cases are required to stay home in isolation - they will not be allowed to come to school. Thank you for taking personal responsibility for yourself, your family, and our Snyder community.

  • No employee, student, or visitor is required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • All employees, students, and visitors are encouraged to wear a mask or face covering.
  • The CDC recommends all individuals wear a mask or face covering in public settings, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people during periods when there are high levels of community spread.
  • Conroe ISD expects all students, employees, and visitors to respect the choice of others regarding the wearing of masks or face coverings.

Safe Return to in-person instruction

  • Students and staff wear masks if they choose, and we will proactively ensure that all students feel comfortable in their choice to wear a mask or not.
  • Students and staff that test positive will have to quarantine for 10 days.
  • Notifications of positive cases will be sent to families through our district system.
  • Continuous cleaning and E-misting will continue in the common areas of the campus.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will remain available for students/staff throughout the campus and on all buses.
  • We will continue to emphasize and encourage washing/sanitizing hands often, especially before eating, after using the restroom, coughing, sneezing etc...

Snyder teachers and staff are prepared and ready for this upcoming school year and look forward to the teaching and learning that will take place in our Snyder classrooms.


Before COVID, lunch visitors began the Tuesday after Labor Day. This gives us time to learn our lunch procedures before we welcome visitors. With COVID positive cases recently increasing, we are monitoring the situation and will keep you informed. If lunch visitors are allowed starting Tuesday, September 7, it may look different than in previous years. As we get closer to time, we will keep you informed.

  • Deliveries to students including lunches will be limited and on an emergency basis only.
  • Students forgetting lunches will be able to receive a free meal in the cafeteria.

If your child is supposed to bring their lunch to school and they forget it at home, we will be sure that they receive a lunch from school. All breakfast and lunch is free to all students again this year!

Free Meals

Free/Reduced lunch application: While breakfast and lunch will continue to be free for all students, those who qualify for financial assistance will benefit from many other resources available to your family. Please complete the application at this link to see if you qualify:


Please note that all campuses are limiting visitors at this time to help stop the spread of COVID-19. If you must visit a campus, we ask that you screen yourself prior to leaving your home. All visitors that come on a campus/facility will be required to use the Access Intercom system. Once the reception area identifies the person and their need to be on campus, they will accommodate the parent at the door if possible. All visitors will be required to sign in using the visitor program.

*Parent/teacher conferences, ARDS, 504 meetings etc. will be held virtually or by telephone when possible.

  • Campus visitors must self-assess for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering the building.
  • If the visitor displays any symptoms related to COVID-19, the visitor should not enter the facility.
  • Conroe ISD may exclude visitors during periods when there are high levels of community spread or campus cases to prevent the potential for exposure to students and employees.


If your child may ride the bus at any point this year, you must register him/her for transportation.
Registration for bus service is a separate process from school registration. Learn more on the Transportation Department’s webpage.

PTO News

2021-2022 School Supplies

EPI School Supply Packs - The last date to order online was June 1st. If you did not order a pack, don't worry! The school supply list is below.

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Roadmap to Remaining Open

Visit the Roadmap to Remaining Open website for up to date information about COVID-19 protocols.

Roadmap to Remaining Open Website

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Writing a Teacher Achieving Excellence Award

Do you want to recognize an AWESOME Snyder teacher/staff member? If so, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Parent Access.
  2. Click on communication.
  3. Choose Staff/Teacher excellence from the drop down menu.
  4. Select the employee to receive recognition from the drop down menu.
  5. Click create TAE.
  6. Click any of the pre-populated choices that apply.
  7. Type any additional comments in the Additional Comment box.
  8. Click the box labeled Create Teachers Achieving Excellence button.
  9. Done!

Our Mission

It is the mission of Ann K. Snyder Elementary to work interdependently to ensure our students have the critical skills needed to become successful lifelong learners.