By; Arely Flores


in 2014 the most common salary for babysitting is $13.44 per hour. I researched that babysitters get payed from $15 to $25 per hour. It usually depend in what state you live and who you making business with Some babysitter get to choose how much they want to get payed. It also depends how much you do in that work, of the age of the kids or whatever.

Expectations When You Babysit

When you babysit you have expectations, its not an option, you have to do it. Somethings that you have expected to do is cook, a feed them. You have to make them food, and or feed the little kids. If you have little kids, babies then you have to change their dipper, or change them clothes because they got dirty, etc. Preparing bottles is one important thibh too because you have to know what kind of formula to put in the bottle or how many ounces of formula, etc.
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Job requirements

When your a babysitter you are requiered to be 14 or older, it depends how long you have to take care of them or it depends who you making bussiness with. You also have to know how to do CPR, the baby or the toddler is choking on something or he accidently put something in his mouth, etc. Of course they are suppossed to be familiar with kids, have to have the patients with the kids, like when they are doin their homework, or when they dont want to eat, if they dont want to shower, etc.
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