Elizabeth marie schenca

My great grandmother

Events in 1913

My great grandma was born in the year of 1913 and she died september 20th 1987.In the year of 1913 there was a air disaster and 2o passengers died.Also another thing that happened was there was one of the biggest hurricanes and it still holds the record today.The hurricane killed 250 people and 12 shipwrecks.There was one of the biggest fires and 440 minors where under ground and all got killed bye fire.Thats some of the things that happened in the year of 1913
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Her Job

She was a teacher for 5 years teaching 3rd graders.Then she decided she wanted to teach 7th so she taught 7th grade science.The school she taught at was Tonganoxie where that's where she grew up at.Then after she was done teaching here and her husband built a farm to work at wich was murrfield farms.That farm ids still runing today by my gpa.

Her family

She had two children named bill,vick.She has 3 grand children and 5 great grandchildren.Her husband fought in world war 1 his name was bill.She had alot of cousins to.

There vehicals

There vehicles are very different than ares.It was rhe first chevorlet it had electric headlamps and starter.It could only go 65mp and was a stck shift.