All About It

What Is Stress?

Stress is the state of mind when you are feeling anxiety or tension. Most teens are stressed about school, friends, popularity, or pleasing their peers.

Long Term Effects of Stress

~Health risks, including heart attacks, increase of blood pressure, and speeding up of the aging process

~Depression or mood swings

~Nervous habits, such as nail biting, or pacing

~Not getting enough sleep

~Having an inability to concentrate

Short Term Effects of Stress

~Racing heart

~Palms getting sweaty

~Panic attacks



~Social withdrawal


How To Reduce Stress

~Spend time with your friends or family

~Get a good night's sleep

~Listen to music

~Watch TV or a movie

~Do something fun

~Take a deep breath

Fun Fact:

Chewing on something crunchy (preferably a vegetable or fruit) will reduce stress levels by at least 20%. Studies have shown that vigorous chewing stimulates your brain, causing you to feel more at ease.
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