Czech Republic


In the Czech republic the total population ( as of July 2013) is 10,609,762 with a life expectancy around 78 years.The number of children below the age of five who are underweight is only two percent. The infant mortality rate is 3.67 deaths out of 1000 live births. 4/1000 are male 3.33/1000 are female which is pretty good because the fertility rate is 2.9 children per woman. Unfortunately the population growth stands at a -.15 percent. The majority of the population ( 73.4 percent) live in urban areas. All of these people follow a parliamentary democracy where the president is decided by direct popular vote. The country is in a very good and very safe state and has very strong U.S Relations. The primary school enrollment in the Czech Republic is 102 percent. The total literacy percentage is is 99 percent ( 99 percent male, 99 percent female).


The Czech Republic has an HDI rank of 28 with a GNI of 22,067 ( per capita in in Purchasing Power Parity terms). The employment by sector for agriculture, Industry and services is: agriculture- 3.1 percent, industry-38.6 percent and services being the highest at 58.3 percent. The export percentage of GDP is 78 percent, the top three exports and imports being transport and machinery equipment, chemicals and fuel/raw materials.