MCS COVID-19 Academic Plan

Morgan County Schools, during these unprecedented times, is transitioning student learning.

  • To assist students and parents in continuing the education of our students, we will be offering blended classes.
  • Morgan County School year will still end on May 21st.
  • Next Monday and Tuesday the teachers will be working to prepare lessons for students.
  • By Wednesday, April 8th, all parents or students will be contacted by their teachers with information from their schools. If not, please contact your school for more information.
  • Students who have the ability to participate with online e-Learning will be receiving information from their schools and teachers beginning next week.
  • Households with internet access but no device that connects to the internet, should contact their local school on the possibility of getting a device. If you have a personal device or already have a school device that can be shared, please do not request one. Only request a device if you do not have one at home. Any device picked up from the school will be the total responsibility of the student.
  • Students who do not have online capabilities will be able to pick up packets at their local school beginning next Wednesday, April 8th.
  • Students with items left at schools will receive instructions from schools on how and when to pick up.
  • Parents should contact their local schools beginning Thursday, April 9th for more information.


  • Morgan County will be conducting graduation ceremonies as soon as practical and announce them at a later date.
  • Seniors on track to graduate at the end of the 3rd nine weeks with passing grades have completed all requirements. For any senior who was not on track with passing grades at the end of the 3rd nine weeks, expect to be contacted by the school to make arrangements for continuing studies to complete the requirements to graduate. Seniors with textbooks and other school owned equipment will be informed on when and how to return to the school.
  • Students with items left at schools will receive instructions from schools on how and when to pick up.

Students Instructional Expectations:

  • PK-4 daily instruction of 30-45 minutes focused on Critical Standards

  • Grades 5-8 daily instruction of 45-60 minutes and Grades 9-12 daily instruction of 60-90 minutes with the following areas:

    • Monday - Math

    • Tuesday - Science

    • Wednesday - English

    • Thursday - Social Studies

    • Friday - teachers may provide supplemental learning

Grab-n-Go Meals: Every Wednesday beginning April 8th, from 10 - 12

If you haven't already signed up let us know as soon as possible so we can meet the needs of your child/children. You can email us or call 1-800-339-5172.

We will need to know:

  • Student's name
  • Number of children under the age of 18
  • Desired pick-up location

Grab-n-Go Curbside Meal Pick-up Sites:

  • Cotaco School
  • Danville Middle
  • Eva School
  • Falkville Schools
  • Lacey's Spring School
  • Priceville High
  • Sparkman School
  • Union Hill School
  • West Morgan Elementary


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