Weekly Tech Update

GAPS Technology | November 10, 2020

Zoom Updates

Updating Your Zoom Client

Make sure that your version of Zoom is the most up-to-date, especially if you are not seeing features you should, or if Zoom is not performing the way it should. Zoom on Chromebooks will update automatically, but remind students to power off their Chromebooks at the end of the day, not just close the lid, or updates will not take place. There is a tutorial here for updating Zoom on a laptop or desktop computer.

Canvas Support - Phone, Chat, Video

The Help button at the lower left of your Canvas screen connects you directly to Canvas support:

Network and Service Status Links

Having problems connecting and not sure if it's you or the program (Zoom, Canvas, etc.)? Click here to see current network and program status. These will be updated as soon as an issue has been identified.

Who to ask:

Zoom questions: Cindy Drouhard <cindy.drouhard@albany.k12.or.us>

Canvas questions: building Canvas site admin / teacher leader

Pinnacle questions: Jon Dilbone <jon.dilbone@albany.k12.or.us>

Clever / Seesaw: Dan Rothwell <dan.rothwell@albany.k12.or.us>

Savvas Realize / NGConnect: Brian Baker <brian.baker@albany.k12.or.us>

Computer hardware / network issues: GAPS IT <GAPS.IT@albany.k12.or.us>

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