Cenozoic Era 65-23 MYA

Paleogene Period: Consists of the Paleocene, Eocene and Oligocene Epochs

Life in the Paleogene Period

The evolution of mammals, birds and reptiles was very decisive.

The new species and organisms were able to roam wherever they please after the passing of the dinosaurs.

Climate and Geography of the Paleogene Period

During this period, most of Earth's climate was tropical.

The landscape of earth changed drastically. The continents drifted apart creating vast stretches of oceans


Rodents and small horses like Hyracotherium are common and rhinoceroses and elephants started to show up. At the end of the period, dogs, cats, and pigs become more common and appear more often. Most birds that appear other than a few were classified as dinosaurs. Birds became known but they were flightless, like the Diatryma.
The Paleogene period is most notable as being the time in which mammals evolved from small, simple forms into diverse animals in the wake of the mass extinction that ended the preceding Cretaceous period.