Hunger Games PARTAYYY!!!

Hosted by: Steve Koshy

When and Where

I will be throwing a Hunger Games theme party!!!! It is going to be the party of the year! DON'T MISS IT!!! It will be held at the nearby forest, at Celebration Park (In ALLEN) and it will last all day! Starting at 10 am and ending 10 pm! There will be many activities and music at this party! LET'S SEE WHO CAN SURVIVE!

Hunger Games Partayyy

Thursday, June 6th, 10am

701 Angel Parkway

Allen, TX

Here are more of the details make sure you follow this. Be on time don't get lost and don't miss it!


All our activities are going to lead up to our Hunger Games!!! We will start with the Reaping where we will choose our tributes ( yes you can volunteer as tribute). Then we will have makeovers and dress up for the tributes dressing them just like the characters! After that we will have the games! It will have a cornucopia and a bunch of Nerf weapons inside!( Bows and arrows, guns, and Nerf swords).


Appetizers will be Goat cheese and bread, because in the Hunger Games, Prim uses her goat to get milk for cheese.
Main course will be Steak with soup and mashed potatoes as well as some "Peeta" bread.
Desserts will be cupcakes and cake with mocking jay symbols on top!
Beverages include Coke and punch that looks like blood... :(

Music Playlist!!!

Music, here are a few, Uprising by Muse, Kids with Guns by Gorillaz, Bad Reputation by Half Cocked, The Pretender by The Foo Fighters, Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia, Who am I Living for by: Katy Perry, The Jungle by Guns and Roses, Fences by Paramore, Get out Alive by Three Days Grace, and Famous Last Words by Paramore! .....Yes!!! we will have time to jam and dance to the music! OUR DJ WILL BE THE ONE AND ONLY DAVID GUETTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Party Favors!!!

Another reason you should go to this partayyy, is because you will get goodies just for being there!!! Everyone will get a Nerf bow and arrow, sword, and gun!!! As well as Mocking jay shirts, jackets and candy!!! There will also be suprise prizes for those who win the competitions and games! So make sure you come to The Hunger Games Partayyy!