Lance's Ledger

March 16 - 20 at Central Elementary

Positive Points

Several positives took place at Central last week. Here's just a few.

  • Teacher preparation led students in an awesome tornado drill last Tuesday. Students were absolutely silent and took shelter within 5 minutes. Congratulations!
  • Positive Office Referrals went to students from Mrs. Parrott, Mrs. Stuart, Miss Przybylski, Mrs. Romzek, Mrs. Fritz and Mrs. Lane. Thanks for publicly recognizing positive contributions kids make!
  • Faculty came together to host one of the best attended Family Reading Nights we have had. Mrs. Thomas reports a new record attendance of 805 not counting staff (which would move attendance closer to 850). This tops last year's attendance by close to 100 more participants.
  • Mrs. Martin, Mrs. T. Smith, Mrs. Long, Miss Burns, Miss Carrusco, and Miss Moore combined efforts to work with Mr. Harper in covering classrooms averting having to call back two staff members from a math inservice. Fantastic flexibility and teamwork! An added bonus....Second graders LOVED seeing some of their first grade teachers and some want Mrs. Martin for their third grade teacher. :)
  • Students really worked on lines in the hallway this past week. They encouraged each other and took pride in "how straight and quiet" their lines proceeded in the halls. Thanks teachers!
  • Mrs. Higgerson and Mrs. Duckworth presented another great book fair. Student excitement was evident and parent participation during Family Reading Night was evident. I understand preliminary sales were over $8000. Phenomenal!

Of course, none of the good things we notice would happen without the everyday positives every staff member does to make Central a great place for kids, parents and staff. Thank you for being an awesome group of people!

Highlight Scenes from Family Reading Night

This Week at Central

Monday, March 16

- Grade Level Team Leader Meeting (7:45-8:15 AM Alumni Room)

- DRA Window Opens

- Week 2 Reading Logs due

- Teachers distribute Week 3 Reading Logs to students (Yellow paper)

- Room Visits AM

- Lance at admin. 1:15 - 3:15 (DESA CMC)

- School Improvement Meeting (3:45 - 4:45 PM) Alumni Room

Tuesday, March 17

- Week 2 Reading Total due in Google Doc

- Half way to SuperPOP Day reading prize (125,000 minutes toward 250,000 minute goal); Free popcorn for students on March 27.

- All day ACC Meeting (8:30 - 3:30) Lance and Christine

- PLC Day

- PTO Meeting 6 PM in Library

- St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 18

- Staff Meeting 7:35 - 8:15 AM in Library

- U of M-Flint Career Fair (Lance and Christy Flowers) 11 AM - 3: 30 PM

Thursday, March 19

- Lance at admin. bldg. 9:30 - noon (Principals' Mtg.)

- Grade 1 Concert practice @ DHS 9:15 - 11:00 (approx.)

- Grade 1 Concert at DHS, 7 PM

Friday, March 20

- Spirit Day - Reading Jogs the Mind (May wear jogging outfits)

- D.E.A.R. (2 x in AM; 2 X in PM)

Looking Ahead

- March 24.....Child Study Team Meetings

- March 25....PD Academic Vocabulary with Coordinators

- March 27....Fire Drill; SuperPOP Popcorn Day

- April 2.........Three hour AM PD (IEE)

- April 13.......Central Open House for Community

- April 16.......Report Cards go home with Students

- April 21.......P/T Conferences 4 - 6 PM ; PTO Meeting 6:15 PM with Supt. Lieske

- April 27 - May 15........M-STEP Testing for Grade 4

- May 18 - June 5..........M-Step Testing for Grade 3

DIBELS Progress Monitoring/DRA Window Opens

In a recent email Literacy Specialist Stephanie Thomas reminded us that DIBELs progress monitoring is taking place and new updates will be available very soon. The DRA Window also opens March 16. Remember that teachers are not required to assess all students and we are moving to a system where DRA is used as an assement measure in your teacher toolbox. While you will want to assess the students in your bottom twenty percent you may also have a few "special cases" you are especially concerned about.

One area of focus will be students whose DIBELS results show intensive need. If DRA confirms this need we need to reassess the interventions presently in place for those students. Are students showing progress? Has their progress stalled or flat-lined? These are the students we should be discussing in PLCs and Child Studies. As we continue to discuss student growth goals let's make a renewed effort to focus in on and discuss these students. In order to reach our goals we must help the bottom 20% of our students (about 30 students per grade level or 6-8 students per teacher). Remember: Effective instruction is measured by the goal having student achievement/success rates of 80% or better on instructional assessment. After our most recent Data Day where do your students stand in reading? In Math? In Writing? What do you see as strengths and weaknesses among your students? What can you do to help those students? What additional resources might you need? Most of all...know that when we break the numbers down the task at hand is very doable.

What Kids Can Teach Us

Watching our students during book fair this past week inspired me in many ways. I was reinvigorated by the wonder and the awe children express in ideas. Whether they are make-believe or real-life centered, ideas entertained by students are often considered because they do not arbitrarily filter their thinking based on past personal reality. The following video link features a young person's experience and view and although she is a child prodigy and author, Adora Svitak provides us with food for thought about the role we play as teachers and learners.

Wishing you a fantastic and fulfilling week. Spring is in the air!