Technology Class

by: Zach Gonnering

Typing Web

* I learned how to type at a 6th grade level.

* Each day when you get to class you start off with a five minute typing warm up.

* There are two levels intermediate and advanced.


* You create a short trailer of what ever you pick to do.

* The class will get to see it if you pick to share it with the class.

* It was fun because you got to make a trailer that is not in the movie theater.

Haiku Deck

* The good thing about it is you can do lots of things on it, we had to pick a dream job.

* You make slides and put pictures in it, and put wording about what it is.

* The great thing is it will let you be creative at whatever you do.

Explain Everything

* You get to record your voice when you pick a math problem.

* It is very easy to use even if your bad with apps that are hard.

* I love it because you can pick what color you want to write with, and lots of other things.

Career Locker

* Mrs. Vandenbogard came and taught us lots of things about what were going to do later in our career.

* I love it because you get to decide stuff about when your older.

* There are lots of things you can do, like you have to find captain career and then you get your name in a drawing.


* There are games that you play that involves with typing\keyboarding.

* You get graded at the end of the quarter, it depends on how many levels you got done.

* They teach you how to do code in a fun way.

Email Etiquette

* You pick a choice on what topic you want your email about.

* Then you write an email about what your topic is, there are 4 different topics that you can pick from.

* Make sure you write a good email to your technology teacher.