European Social Class System

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The system

In Europe, there were 4 classes. At the top there were kings and queens. The second class included lords/nobles. The 3rd class had knights/vessels. The bottom class was serfs who were basically peasents.

About each class

The kings were at the top of the system because they had the most land. They had so much land that sometimes they would give manors to lords that are huge pieces of land. The lords were the second class. They were a huge part in the start of feudalism because they had an agreement with knights that they would give them small pieces of land called fiefs in exchange for protection. They also earned manors where serfs lived and did work for their lord. The knights are the third class. They were trained warriors that came from wealthy families and primarily fought on horsebacks. They were highly valued because of their military value. Serfs were at the bottom because they owned no land. They lived in manors and the lord gave them very strict rules. For instance, they couldn't leave the manor without the lord's permission.

Some of their culture