September 9, 2013


Our Summer Contest Winners:

Kindergarten: Luke Gammel in Mrs. Martin's class

1st Grade: Kyle Chamness in Mrs. Newton's class

2nd Grade: Kaden Ables in Mrs. Buckmaster's class

3rd Grade: Maddie Camp in Mrs. Kaylor's class

4th Grade: Brandon Reynolds in Mrs. Lyon's class

Rewards should be sent home with students on Tuesday.

I want to thank everyone for their summer collection efforts! We have collected 7,000 Box Tops ($700) since school started!

Box Tops Classroom Totals

Remember that classes receive rewards when they meet one of the following goals:

500 BT = Pencils

1,000 BT = Popcorn

1,500 BT = Popsicles

2,000 BT = New Box Tops Spirit Stick

3,000 BT = Ice Cream

Generally, rewards will be given out on the first Friday of each month.

Mrs. Martin (640), Mrs. Moses (173), Mrs. Scott (268), Ms. Williams (564)

1st Grade: Mrs. Bowers (155), Mrs. Bryant (382), Mrs. Hammett (205),

Mrs. Newton (364)

2nd Grade: Mrs. Buckmaster (287), Mrs. Cardona (237), Mrs. Heagerty (254),

Mrs. Moore (394), Mrs. P. Wilson (380)

3rd Grade: Ms. Grimes (395), Mrs. Holowell (243), Mrs. Kaylor (573), Mrs. Steinsiek (375) 4th Grade: Mrs. Curtright (109), Mrs. Foster (122), Mrs. Lyons (444), Mrs. C. Wilson (235)



We are still looking for volunteers for both Thursday, September 19 and Friday, September 20th. If you are able to fill in for a 30 minute shift or are able to work all day, WE NEED YOU! Please contact Traci Holloway at She can plug you in where you are needed most.


We are looking for some parent volunteers to help us enter coke rewards for Stagecoach. We would like to find around 7 volunteers and assign each volunteer one day a week to enter rewards. Please contact Carmen Jones at to find out more information.