working conditions

working conditions in the industrial revolution

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the bad working conditions of the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION

the industrial revolution was a very important time making every thing you know today possible. but it was also the rising of big business witch is also was a fairly good and bad thing in the long run.


the big business would hire to few people for to few pay to operate to many machines for very long hours .there were many accidents and even more hours and machines for less pay if competitors started to show up in your town.


working in the dust was bad but often there were no bath rooms other than a toilet in the corner you had to eat in these germ infested unsanitary and frankly just nasty buildings.

but sanitation was probably the lease of there worries because of ...


working long hours make the workers tired and being tired there were allot of accidents causing injury and even death .

there were no ventilation or windows so there was allot of dust and germs that got people sick .


below is a video of working conditions for the workers of the factory's.

Unfair Working Conditions in the Industrial Revolution - Mike Fusaro

getting better

the change when people started to show mercy when all children were taken out of labor and eventually put into schools.there was also and eventual pay raise for all .