Digital Footprint

List of Dangers when posting or typing rude things on the internet:

  • It stays on the internet.
  • Someone will all ways have it.
  • It can impact your future majorly.

How to resolve:

  • Once you have posted something online, it's not going to go. If you delete it, someone will still have it. If someone asks you to post something you don't want to post, or threatens you on the the internet... Tell someone, someone you trust. Don't delete the message, otherwise you'll have no proof.
  • You can use childline (0800 1111)
  • Tell a trusted adult.
  • Remember, as soon as you post something there is no going back.


  • By posting something rude online, it no gonna go.
  • If you're going for a job interview, and they check your social media. Think what they might find.
  • Think what your family might find in the future

An example:

Imagine it's your first job interview and you really need this job. You answer all the questions thrown at you and held up really good under pressure. Now the interviewer asks if you have any social media... You answer yes. They check it, you weren't expecting this." What's this," he asks? It's an inappropriate picture the a rude message. And another, this time a mean tweet. You thought you'd deleted these. They were from when you were young. The interviewer asks "Was this you?" What do you say....

If you think you've deleted anything of the internet, remember: Once something is on the internet is never going to go. This is called a digital footprint. Unlike a footprint you leave in the snow, a digital footprint stays no matter what. You never now where they are being stored but remember, once somethings online there's no going back.

So don't post rude, mean or anything inappropriate online in the first place, or you never know how it may effect you in the future.