Destination Venus

Written by: Giles Sparrow/ report by: Taylor Jimenez/unknown


The book, Destination Venus is about the planet Venus and what it is like, what the atmosphere is like, and just all about Venus. I already knew that Venus is a rocky planet, is really hot, and has a lot of volcanoes.
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This is a picture of Venus. This picture is of what Venus looks like on the outside of it's atmosphere. From this picture you can see the redness from Venus' atmosphere.

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This graphic on this page supports the text because it shows what the planet Venus looked like or probably looked like when it was being made.
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Authors Purpose

The authors purpose in this book is to teach you about planet Venus. In this book I learned a lot more about planet Venus. Some of what I learned about was that Venus' surface is covered with volcanoes, and that Venus is also a very hot planet. This is what the author's purpose is.