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Caleb Hull


Caleb Hull was born in Grapevine, Texas, he started writing poetry when he was in middle school. Caleb is a very shy person and doesn't talk much in school, but is a very caring person and stands up for his friends and others when needed. He plays baseball and enjoys spending time with his friends on the field. He is a very hardworking student in school and always does his best to have good grades. His poetry that he wrote reflects his caring and gentle nature as a person.

"Where I'm From"

I am from an officers badge, from illustrations and a blank computer screen.

I am from the concrete beneath the hardwood floors (gray, solid, cold as ice).

I am from the rose, the oak whose trunk is as sturdy as steel.

I am from reunions and humor, from Hull and Rodden.

I am from smacking and shouting.

I am from "be a leader" and "do your best"

I am from following Gods words.

I am from Texas, Apple pie, and steak, from my fathers broken thumb, from my grandpas encounter with the president.

I am from a large box full of memories worth more than all the riches in the world.

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Their were 2 boys.

Silence and Evil.

Silence was bullied by Evil.

Silence was hit and made fun of by Evil.

Silence was quiet and could not use his words.

But one day came 2 more boys.

Courage and Strength.

They came one day to silence before Evil came.

Courage and Strength spoke to Silence, and Silence spoke back and he changed.

Silence changed into a whole new person... He became Hope

Hope had what silence didn't have.

A voice.

Hope used this voice against Evil.

Hope, Courage, and Strength pushed away Evil using their voices.

Then Evil began to change.

And then Evil had become Silence.

And what they had learned before, as that in all Silence there is Hope.

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Isn't just a

Sport, It is a

Lifestyle to me

At least once a day

baseball is involved

in my life, whether it

be practice, a game, or

just watching it on

tv, baseball


my anger






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An Unbreakable Bond

Oh dad, oh dad you always make me feel glad.

Because I know you've walked into the room because everyone is roaring with laughter.

With the strength of an ox and the pride of lion I've always looked up to you.

That baseball star in high school that I want to be one day.

For you were even more of a stud than the diamond one you put on moms finger.

Everything you do makes me love you even more dad whether it be a joke you tell me or lesson you teach me. You help me grow as person.

As a small fragile boy, you taught me to become a grown strong man like you.

If their is anyone I could grow up to be like one day, it would be my hero, my dad.

I want to be a man like you.

One that will sacrifice anything for his loved ones, even your life.

Because when I hear your suit case roll into the kitchen, I know that you're leaving.

And I always hope and pray that you return, because I couldn't spend the rest of my life Grieving.

Whether it be Paris France or Frankfurt Germany, no distance can break a bond like ours.

Nothing could break a bond 15 years in the making.

And while your gone you'll be think about us.

Mom, Emma, Anna, and I just sitting here contemplating on ideas of what we should do when you return.

And the day you return I will always get that feeling, of excitement and happiness.

When I hear the loud "Thud!" of the garage door shutting.

And you say those 4 words that give me butterflies in my stomach.

"Hey bud, I'm Home!"

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A Sonnet for Whataburger

Oh Whataburger how I love you so,

With your burgers so delcious,

and your buns made of the finest dough,

but I when I see that orange W, I often get vicious

Oh whataburger your menu so amazing,

everything I see looking so beautiful,

I can see all the food, looking warm, hot, even blazing

but I know that when I am done I'm going to be full.

Oh whataburger you're always there when I need you,

I can grab a drink when I am thirsty

Or eat away my feelings when I'm blue

but I know that when i get my order I am showing no mercy.

Oh whataburger me and you till the end,

for we will together ever lasting.

because I know once I'm done eating I won't be able to bend,

But I know when I'm done eating I am going to start fasting.

I'll be gathering my friends like a sheep herder.

Because I know we'll all be heading to Whataburger.

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In my poetry I like to have humor and emotion. In "A Sonnet For Whataburger" I added humor to my extremely strong unbreakable love for the orange W, but in my Ode to my father (An Unbreakable Bond" I expressed my love for my dad emotionally and seriously. In my poetry I put forth humor to entertain my reader and make them happy, and in my more serious poetry I like to entice my reader with emotion and maybe make them a little teary eyed. During the writing process I was very emotional during my writing, especially in my Ode because it brought back a lot of childhood memories and make me reflect on how I should spend more personal time with my dad again. My creative process that I used was I looked for things that I loved most. I love to help people and I love spending time with my dad. Oh and of course... I love whataburger. What overall inspires me as a poet is love because of how strong it is and how much it can bring people together.