Green Moray Eel and the Moon Jelly

Evil Captivity

A trip to the zoo

On our trip to the zoo I chose to do the Moon Jelly and the Electric Eel. After not being able to find the Electric Eel I settled for the Green Moray Eel. These animals are pretty boring in these aquariums. The space constricts any form of growth.

Moon Jelly

As you can see the Moon Jelly is a beautiful creature. For 15 minutes I had the opportunity to watch it float aimlessly. It really was as boring as it sounds. It has no respiratory system, excretory, or circulatory system. With no predators in the tank I didn't even have a chance to see it fight, sleep, or eat. Captivity is a poor decision for these creatures. Without anywhere to go this can be harmful to the animal.

Green Moray Eel

After my excruciatingly long stay watching Moon Jellies, I got to watch the Green Moray Eel. Its habitat was more structured than the Moon Jellies (it actually had something in the cage). I was disappointed with the lack of movement and action. The Green Moray Eel is a viscous creature. The Eel only periodically opened its mouth to breath. It does this by forcing water down past its gills. The extremely long eel was so caged up (with the aquarium being only a few feet wide). I believe that captivity for this animal was cruel.

Final Thoughts

I think that single species exhibits for aquatic animals are ridiculous.