European Geography Country Project

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Capital Bucharest

Major Language is Romania

Location of Romania is in southeastern Europe, boarding the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine

Population of Romania is 21,729,871

Average age is 39.8 years and life expectancy is 74.69 years



3 Major landforms are Carpathian mountains, Transylvanian Alps, and Moldavan Plateau

3 Major architectural and Geographical landmarks are Aviancis winery building, Ciuj Arena,and free form buildings in Romania

3 Major bodies of water are the Mures, Prut, and Olt

3 Major Cities Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj- Wapoca


General seasonal weather conditions are cold, cloudy with frequent snow and fog: sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms.

Average yearly Rainfall is 675mm of yearly rainfall

Average Temperature summers 29°C(84.2°F) with temperatures over 35°C(95°F) not unknown in the lower lying areas of the country.

Effect that climate has on country is tourism because of the cool weather and Beaches.


Government is Republic

Religions are Eastern Orthodox 81.9, Protestant 6.4, Roman Catholic 4.3

Food: Muschi poiana, Zama, Tocanita

Top 3 holidays in Romania are Christmas, National Day, and New Years

Major sports in Romania are football, tennis, and rugby

Interesting Facts

Native Animals in Romania are wild bear, brown bear, and chamois

Story Behind Flag Yellow- a symbol of generosity Red- hardiness, bravery, strength, and valour Blue- vigilance, truth, and loyalty

Mode of transportation Buses, trams and trolley buses, subways, taxi, personal or rent-a-car, and train