About the Festival

For those new to the BHN Family or not familiar with Festival On The Hill, we thought we'd share a little information. The festival has been a long standing tradition in the Bolton Hill neighborhood. After 60 years of Memorial Church sponsoring the event, last Fall Bolton Hill Nursery took over that title. The festival is an exciting day in our community and we hope to keep this tradition running for the next 60 years; however we need help and support from all our families to make this happen!

We know you're busy so we're asking for helping in several ways:

  • If you haven't gotten an email from your class parents yet, you will shortly. Each class has been asked to arrange and work on one activity in the children's area. After your class comes up with their idea, you can sign up for a 2 hour shift to work through your room parents.

  • Donate! We need donations of gently used children's clothes and toys. We need your clean stuffed animals for our "Stuffie Sale" as well as donations of books (adults and children's). You can drop off donations at 204 W. Lanvale or we can arrange pickup if needed! We need all donations no later than October 8th.

  • There's a special food booth at the festival that sells gourmet food. We're looking for families to cook up their dishes- from lasagnas, ziti dishes, casseroles and salads to cakes, pies and other gourmet desserts. We are also desperately seeking someone to run this booth and arrange volunteers for it. Please step up and help us out in this important role! PS - It's more fun if you gather up a friend or two to work on it with them!

  • Supplies! We needs lots and lots of heavy duty electrical cords the day of the festival. Can we borrow yours? If you label them with masking tape (or we can do for you) we promise to return!

  • Aren't around or available to help in any of the ways above? Or want to give extra support? We really love our sponsors. Did you know we have a Good Neighbor sponsorship for $20? You'll not only get major love from us but we'll also give you a big shout out in the program that gets distributed throughout the festival. We can charge your account to make it easier for you if you just send us an email saying you want to do this.

  • This year we are having a pre-sale for wrist bands to the children's area. Save 20% today and let your child have unlimited access to the bounce house, Barbie World, Lego races, kiddie car corral, and more! Advance purchase is $8.00 and can be charged to your account. Day of bands will be available for $10.00.

  • Finally, we know some good places to publicize the festival, but we also love your word of mouth to help us out. Know of a good website or list-serv? Spread the word for us!

There are many ways to participate and we are asking for your support, as BHN really needs you! This is also an excellent opportunity to make new friends and get to know the families of your child's classmates.