ACT Testing @Hillsboro

ACT in Person Testing on Tues. March 2nd, 2021

Testing Resource Page for Hillsboro's Juniors & Seniors!

We will keep this page linked and updated with information and resources to help prepare you for the big day!

RSVP IS CLOSED: We have had the RSVP system open since January 29th. It is currently closed to RSVP. If you are a junior and are still wanting to test, please email

If you are a Senior, we are unable to register you to test.

ACT Testing for the Junior Class

Tuesday, March 2nd, 7am

3812 Hillsboro Pike

Nashville, TN

Information on exact start times & registration will be updated closer to this date.


Currently due to the COVID restrictions:
  • Class of 2021 (Seniors) are not required to have an ACT Score for graduation.
  • Class of 2021 (Seniors) are encouraged to still take it and is free of charge at the March 2nd in person test.
  • Class of 2022 (Juniors) currently the test is still required for graduation in 2022


It is highly suggested that you be dropped off for testing the day of the test due to limited parking due to construction.

Regular Bus Transportation is available for all students who are zoned for Hillsboro ONLY IF YOU REQUESTED IT PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 12TH IN THE REGISTRATION FORM. We have to submit bus request 2-weeks prior to the ACT testing date.

Parking/Entrance Zones

From your you will receive your assigned testing location. If you have accommodations for your test (small group, extended time, etc) you will receive a separate email with your testing location.
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7am Doors open for testing entrance zones. Make sure to enter in your correct zone. Grab & Go Breakfast available in your testing zone.

7:30 Doors closed to late arrivals, no admittance after 7:30.

7:30 Pre-Bubbling of ACT information before test.

8am Test Starts. Below is the allotted time to test each section. This does not include the time it takes to distribute, read directions, and collect test materials. Completion of exam is usually around Noon.

English Section 45 minutes

Math Section 60 Minutes

Break 10 minutes

Reading 35 minutes

Science 35 minutes

Approximately 12pm we will have Laptops distributed for the MNPS 1:1 device plan. This will happen from your assigned testing location. There will also be a a grab and go lunch available after the test.

Dismissal will be around 1pm, but that depends on the completion of all test and the distribution of laptops.

2pm School Bus Pick-up for bus riders

About the ACT

  • The ACT is a college and career readiness exam that covers four areas: English, science reasoning, math and reading. (No Writing Portion)

  • The exam is timed and takes three hours and 30 minutes to complete.

  • A composite score of a 21 (on a scale of 1-36) on the ACT can create more scholarship opportunities.

  • All MNPS juniors have the opportunity to sit for the ACT at no cost during the regular school day.

  • If you are working on raising your score, you can take the ACT more than once. Colleges or universities will take your highest composite score.

My ACT Quick Start Guide

How to Manage your ACT Student Account

Free Test Prep Resources Found Here!

Free ACT Practice Test

Download a Free Copy of ACT Practice Test

Non-Testing Instructions

This form will come in handy when you are creating your ACT Account. Look for directions on how to access your Student Code after February 12th.

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