American History I

5 Important People

  • Jonathan Edwards-Started the great awakening
  • John Locke-believed in natural rights
  • Nathaniel Bacon- Bacon's Rebellion
  • John Peter Zenger- Journalist and Newspaper Editor
  • George Washington- 1st president

5 Important Places

  • Philadelphia, PA- Constitutional Convention
  • Lexington and Concord- 1st battle of revolution
  • Bunker Hill- gave Americans Confidence
  • Saratoga- France allies with colonies
  • Yorktown- Final Battle of Revolution

5 Important Inventions

  • cotton gin- helped Souths economy
  • dental floss- helped their teeth
  • toilet paper- helped them in the bathroom
  • baseball- let them have fun
  • paper bag- carried their things

5 Important Conflicts

  • Black Hawk War- fights with Native Americans
  • Indian Removal Act- places Natives on reservations
  • Fort Laramie Treaty- attempt to stop conflict
  • Neutrality on French conflicts-american treaty to assist the French
  • Britain Conflict- Britain allied with Native Americans and caused conflict
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