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Update: March 2022


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School360 desktop

For those of you with access to the full School360 Learning Platform, you'll notice that we have added two shortcuts to your School360 homepage. Added to the stack of books, is one that links to the School Readiness Passport when clicked. Next to your avatar you'll see a new EYFS clickable button - this will take you directly to your EYFS dashboard to edit observations, view parent observations etc.

Parent App Updates

Latest Version

Please ensure that your parents and carers are using the most up to date version of the parent app.

On iPhone / iPad this is version 1.6.

On an android device the most recent version is 0.0.22.

Multiple Images

Parents can now add up to 4 images to their observation. Each image can be cropped and edited before saving. We've also added the ability to remove an image from their observation should they accidentally select the wrong one from their camera roll.

Bug Fix

We were aware of a bug that prevented users of the parent app from tapping their new observation to review it after saving. This has now been fixed, the thumbnail image for their new observation now appears immediately and parents can tap to open their observation.

Intro Video

We've put together a short video that you may like to share with new parents. This takes you through viewing observations, adding comments and creating observations. You will need to share the link ( with parents for them to view the video.

If you're in school and don't have access to YouTube, you can use the second link and watch the video via our website.

I've also linked to the 'Getting Started' guides for those parents who are yet to set up their parent accounts and two editable documents which you can copy and amend to make them more personal to your setting.

View Parent Intro Video on YouTube

Share the following link with parents:

Teacher App

Latest Version

Please ensure that you have the most recent version of the EYFS Teacher App installed. If you are in a school setting with managed iPads in SLA1, you can contact Jen Harris or Jordan Graham to have your app updated.

The most recent version for iPad / iPhone is 1.6.7

For Android the latest version is 1.65

NEW: Quick link to your EYFS dashboard

Once your teacher app is updated to the latest version you will have a direct link to your teacher dashboard.

The link can be found at the bottom of your first screen, which you can see in this image. 'Go to School360'.

You can also find the link on the pop up message that reads 'Success, your observation has been sent!'

The link will take you directly to the eyfs360 website and sign you in automatically. Here you can edit observations, view colleague and parent observations and click straight through into Passport.

Introductory Video

We've created an introductory video that may be useful to new members of staff. You can share the YouTube link with colleagues or if you're in school and don't have access to YouTube, you can watch the video via our website.

Observation Headings

You told us that you don't always complete all three boxes of the observation as it's not always relevant. We made an update which means that should you leave one or two of these empty, parents will not see that heading. We'll only show the heading for the boxes you complete.

Bug Fix

We've fixed the small bug that caused your sent and saved count to remain at 00. These counts will now accurately reflect what you have sent and saved.

Sending and Saving Observations

Sent Observations

We've updated the wording in this area to clarify things. When you send an observation from the app, this goes to the School360 server so that it is backed up and can be accessed from any computer / tablet via the School360 website.

If you then go to your sent folder in the teacher app and open this observation back up, you're actually working on a clone and sending this reopened observation is sending a new observation. We've changed the wording in the sent folder from EDIT to CLONE to clarify that you are working on a new version of the observation.

If you would like to edit the observation rather than clone it, go to and edit it there. This will overwrite the original, rather than creating a new observation.

Saved Observations

If you save an observation in the teacher app, this is saved only to your device. It is not backed up. So while this is a useful tool which will allow you to work on your observation over time, please do send the observation as soon as you are able to do so. This means if your tablet crashes, your data will still be safely stored on the School360 server.

We've updated the saved observation view so that you can see the text and images used, making it easier to work out which is which, should you have more than one saved.

Learning Journal Survey

Have you completed our Learning Journal survey yet? The results from this survey will help us to identify areas of focus for our next round of developments. Tell us what is / isn't working for you and your setting, and what you would like to see added or changed going forward.