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dōTERRA Specialized Supplements

Biological, environmental, and physiological factors all contribute to each individual's nutritional health needs being unique. This means that some require an additional nutritional boost in some areas. There are more and more health concerns with the lack of nutrients in the foods we eat because we are so reliant on processed and convenience food. There is also a concern now with many of the supplements on the market because of companies trying to pack too much into a pill. Mega dosing on some nutrients, in addition to lack of other nutrients, is not good. We have the daily alternative with the right balance. Through cutting-edge scientific development, dōTERRA has provided a way to give that extra boost with specialized supplements. Even Dr. Axe recently had a video review of our Lifelong Vitality Pack!

Customize and Save!

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Choose up to 3 Supplements at drastically reduced prices!

If you order either the Daily Nutrient Pack™ or the Lifelong Vitality Pack on the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), you have the option of adding up to 3 other supplements at a significantly reduced price. Learn more about it here

Here what people are saying about the Lifelong Vitality Pack!

I experienced a very noticeable boost in my energy and no longer felt that "dark cloud" of lethargy hanging over me. It was such a noticeable difference that my husband said to me, "Will you please order me a box of that stuff for next month?" Karina Sammons

A few things I noticed early in the process: my nails were stronger, my hair softer and shinier, and I felt radiant and well. People make comments to me all the time!

Renee Banchiere

I have noticed a significant increase in my in my mental focus and energy since starting the lifelong vitality. I also sleep much better.Unlike other supplements that I have used that have upset my stomach, and left me wondering if they are doing anything for me, I used dōTERRA supplements with no stomach upset and noticeable results. dōTERRA supports of my goals of getting better as I age -- not the other way around. Peggy Smith

How to Order the Daily Nutrient Pack

Refer a Friend Program!

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Want to host a workshop? You invite your people, and we do the rest!

We still have a few dates open for April! Get your free oils and incentives!

Please reach out to your dōTERRA girl to schedule your workshop.

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Coming Soon!

Look for us at Knowles Apothecary in Kensington! Nikki Guyton will be hosting a healthy happy hour, as well as exclusively distributing dōTERRA essential oils in their store!

Learn more about them, here.

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Peace, Love, and Oils!

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