Family Traditions by: Audrey Johnson


go out and eat dinner-come back home and have cake and ice cream

Christmas Eve-Adult

My mom's side of the family gets together Christmas Eve-opens gifts and have a big meal on Christmas Day

Chuckie Cheese

Whenever my brothers or I were potty trained to celebrate we were taken to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate.

Christmas Eve-PJ's

When I was little, my grandma would buy us, grand kids new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve/Morning.


For Christmas and Birthdays, my grandparents get us, grand kids bonds for college and later adult life.

$1,000 For College from Grandparents

For college, my grandparents give us $1,000 for groceries and other items while at college.

Family Farm

My dad's side of the family owns a farm-(has been in the family for over 150 years):family reunion is hosted at the farm every 6 years because everyone lives so far away.


When a grand kids wants to redecorate our bedrooms, our grandma wants to buy the new bedding.


I will let me kids marry who they love. Even if it's outside of our family culture. Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


Whenever we have pizza for dinner, we usually have soda. We don't usually have it otherwise.

Dad's Cooking

Every Christmas, my dad cooks brisket.


Thanksgiving is usually hosted at my house with my mom's side of the family with a family friend invited too.

Three terms to relate to..

Sociobiology-the study of the biological basis of human behavior

This relates to my family because my family has biology and sociology..during a family gathering..

Culture-knowledge, values, customs, and physical objects that are shared by members of a society

this relates to my family because we are Lutheran and we obtain values and morals that we intend on carrying through life

Reflex-automatic reaction to physical stimulus

this relates to my family because we would help each other out in anyway necessary no matter what