Africa's health issues

Deadly diseases that need to be cured.


The HIV is one of the two most common diseases found in Africa. Two thirds of HIV positive people live in Africa but most of them end up dying. The most common cause of HIV in Africa is by having sexual interactions with one another. The virus would be transmitted from one human to another. Once you are infected your immunity system will stop working and then you're more prone to other viruses. There is no cure for HIV but you can treat it. The closest thing to a vaccine or treatment is male circumcision. Also the practice of wearing protection has been used to prevent HIV. As you can see HIV is very common in Africa and very dangerous. The vaccine may never be found but there might be that day where it is.


Malaria is also one of the most deadly disease in Africa. It has killed three thousand children each day. The cause of malaria is from a small insect called the mosquito. When the mosquito sucks your blood it replaces it with the virus called Plasmodium Falciparum. It will end up killing you once you have it unless you have the vaccine but if it doesnt kill you it will cripple you. If you have HIV you will more likely get malaria. The African heads of States and different governments around the world have fought for the cure to go to each individual in Africa who has malaria. Malaria is very deadly in Africa and the world needs to help fight for the vacine and treatment.

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