The Leo Frank Case

The Murder Of Mary Phagan

Mary Phagan was a thirteen year old girl who worked in the National Pencil Factory in Atlanta. On a lovely Saturday afternoon, she decided to receive her pay, but she was tragically murdered. She was found at night by the night watch man (Newt Lee), who was later a suspect of the murder of Mary Phagan. This murder scene was narrowed down to three men: Leo Frank, Jim Conley, and Newt Lee. They were both found in the murder scene and questioned. Later on Newt Lee is found innocent and there is two suspects. This murder caused an uprising in Georgia. Many believed that Leo Frank was the murderer after listening to Jim Conley's lies. Sadly, Leo Frank was found innocent after his death. He was given a life-time prison even after Jim Conley's lawyer admitted that Conley was the one who killed Mary Phagan. The Knights of Mary Phagan ended up hanging Leo Frank. Leo Frank's last favor to the Knights was to give his wedding ring to his wife, but they ignored him.