Performance Enhancing Drugs

By Osama Khan

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, after winning 7 Tour de France races. Finally told that he used PED's, performance enhancing drugs to win these competitions, because of this, he lost his privilege to cycling in competitions for life!

The Drugs He Used?

Lance Armstrong used PED's. The ones most known that he used were EPO, Cortisone, Human Growth Hormone, Illegal Blood Transfusions, and other blood doping's.

Side Effects?

EPO is a drug that gives more red blood cells, so the racer has more oxygen to breathe.

It's side effects are increased level of hemoglobin, which thickens blood that can lead to cardiovascular problems.

Cortiosteroids is a drug that increase strength of the user, it is a stress hormone to be said and decreases inflammation that can cause swelling and pain. The list of side effects is long and causes a lot of problem, some are weight gain, sudden mood swings, blurry vision, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Testosterone is a drug that regulates bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength, and red blood cell production. Just like the others causes cardiovascular problems, mood swings, muscle weakness, liver dysfunction, happen after overuse.

History Of Lance Armstrong

History Of Drugs, When It Started?

drugs started forever, a long time ago. For example, Greeks used drugs, to increase their abilities. Maya people thought cocoa beans were used to increase abilities too. So from this, you can tell drugs were used for a long time, even before you would've taught, and even though you would think these aren't drugs, they were for them. They do enhance performance for the users.

Pie Chart!

The Question Was:

Would you take PED's to win a gold medal, but the side effect is you die quicker?

More than half said "Yes!"

So I estimated just 1% over half

Yes Yes, My Voice Failed, But My Answer Is There! :/


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