Welcome To Open House!

By: Taylor Devlin

Welcome to Open House

Welcome parents and guardians to Pioneer Middle Schools Open House! At Open House students show their personal growth and what they have done and achieved this school year to their parents. I hope you enjoy!

Earthquake PBL

The Earthquake PBL was a very enjoyable project. What we had to do was construct a home for superhero, Tony Stark, that would withstand the violent shaking of a earthquake. First we had to answer the driving question: How can we as structeral engineers construct a house for Tony Stark. Second we had to pick the perfect low earthquake risk area in Cailfornia to bulid the home. Our team chose Shasta Cailfornia. Then we each had to draw two skecths of what we thought the house should look like. Then we took the best ideas from everyones house and put it together in one big house. Each team had a certain amount of materials to bulid the model of your house with. I belive my team and I did amazing with the little amount of resources we had. Lastly the shake table. The shake table is when you put your model onto a table that will shake it like an earthquake to see how well each team did. Most teams failed some prevaled. Ours stood up and barely wobbled. From this project I learned how to stay safe in the event of an earyquake by knowing where in the house is the smartest to hide and what to put into a survival bag.

30 Hands Project

What is the 30 Hands Project? The 30 Hands Project is an individual assignment where we had to make a movie tyoe video on and app called 30 Hands. From this project I learned about the atomosphere and climate change. I learned about how we can prevent the worst from happening to our enviorment. What I liked about this project is I love to be creative and just have fun with things, so I liked how there wasnt manh restrictions on colors or how sparkly somehting was. I got to add my Taylor Touch.

Invention Convention

The Invention Convention is a project where you could work alone or with a group/partner to invent/innovate something that will help the enviorment. I worked in a group with some close friends and we threw ideas back and forth until we heard an idea that was really liked. Solar Power traffic signal... We looked it up, nope already invented. Then wind power street light was thrown on the table...We looked it up, nope taken. And thats when WOLAR POWER was born. Wolar power is a solar and wind powered street light. Our street light doesnt use all the energy a normal street light would. In fact not even close. You see so much of the worlds energy is used on traffic signals and now we have a soultion. It solves this problem by using natural energy.

Extra Credit

Favorite Unit

By far my favorite unit would be the unit I am currently in right now ( Reusable and Renewable Resources Unit) because of the Invention Convention. I like the Invention Convention because in a way were teaching ourselves and learning skills that will actually be useful towards the future.
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