Where Sweaters Come From!

By:Tiba Hatem


Sweaters are fun to wear, get them while you can.But if you want to find out where they come from, read to find out!


The origin of sweaters is very interesting! Sweaters come from wool, but do you know what wool comes from?.....SHEEP! Did you know that there are more than 800 kinds of sheep? Did you also know that some sheep live in the wilderness?


But the process is even more interesting! Did you know that wool that comes straight from sheep is called raw wool? Raw wool is just the beginning of a sweater.Grading is the breaking of the fleece based on the overall quality.

Interesting Facts

There are some interesting facts about sweaters,sheep and wool. Did you know that a male sheep is called a ram and a female sheep is called an ewe?If you are wondering if you should say wool or fleece, wool and fleece are the same meaning so it does not matter.


If you want to read on I'm sorry because there are no more articals about sweaters,sheep and wool written by me! Remember sweaters are fun to wear get them while you can!!!
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