Origami Owl™ Greek Lockets

Lockets specifically designed to show your sisterly bond!

A great gift for your big/little!

Our lockets are specifically designed for you or for the person you care about. If you'd like to put your sorority's letters and colors in the locket, I can do that! If you'd like to add something even more personal such as your initials or a charm to represent your personality. Add a dangle or a plate for even more personality and bling! To the right is an example of what one of the lockets from YOUR sorority could look like. We also have different chains as well as other sized lockets as well as in other colored metals. (Gold, rose gold, black, chocolate, and silver. With rhinestones and without)

Other Examples

Large Order Discount!

If there is a large desire for these lockets in your sorority, I will be able to discount the order based on the total price :) (I can still customize each locket, this is nothing like a mass order!)

Pricing Information

Lockets: Locket prices depend on the size, style, and metal of the locket. All of that information along with pictures can be found here.

Charms: All of our charms are currently only $5.

Chains: Chain prices depend on the length, style, and metal. That information, with pictures, is available here.

Dangles: Pictures and pricing available here.

Plates: Pictures are pricing available here. First choose a metal, then a word, and the available sizes will be displayed.