Adriano Zumbo

An Australian Chef/ Patissier

Adriano Zumbo is a renowned Australian pastier, loved for his inventive, innovative and quirky food ideas. Adriano Zumbo, or more commonly known as ‘Zumbo’ was born in 6 November, 1981 and now at the age of 31 he has been on many cooking shows, opened up his own stores and wrote his own cook books.

His Life

Zumbo was a sweet country boy, born and raised by his Italian parents in Coonamble. As a boy, his parents owned a local supermarket which was where he was surrounded by sweets and all sorts of delights. Using his newly developed sweet tooth as his muse he was motivated enough to study during his early years in Italy, learning a broad range of information about coffee.

Zumbo completed his schooling at 15, starting his career in Pastry making by starting his apprenticeship in Australia and France. Zumbo is well-known today, though he began his cooking journey by selling his homemade banana bread, muffins and other small items to cafes around Sydney. Then, he moved on to selling to a broader target in the grower’s market.

A special career highlight was being a guest judge on the hit show, Masterchef. It was 8 months after he had set up his first pastier store in Balmain (2007) when he got a call to be on the show. Since then, he has become quite popular sharing his sweet exotic ideas with the world and even re-creating our image and love of macarons. Thus becoming so popular he opened up three other stores around Sydney.

Another focus for the pastry chef was his first cook book, ‘Zumbo’ which was a great success. The book is filled with all types of pastry techniques and creations.

Zumbo has his own show and web tutorials which are also extremely popular

Greens - Adriano Zumbo Macaron Web Tutorial

How Adriano Zumbo used the Design Process:

Observation and critical analysis: Adriano starts off with observation and critical analysis knowing his own design situation and setting himself a design brief e.g. To create a new flavored macaron to sell. Then, he would think about his limitations, what he can and can’t do and how this will impact on his project. Zumbo thinks of a criteria of success and what he wants to happen in order for it to work and be successful.

Research and investigation: Letting his creative juices flow, Zumbo would challenge himself picking a very, different, idea and asking people what they think of it. This was shown in one of his episodes from his show, Zumbo had the idea of using pigs blood for his new macaroons, he asked people on the street if they liked the idea or not and took it into consideration. Adriano Zumbo had many ideas though finally put his own original idea through.

Idea Generation: Zumbo uses Idea generation and experiments with his ideas and flavors, then writes them down as a formal recipe. After he has created them he tests them out and gets people to taste it before using Optimum selection and making it a final recipe.

Production: Then, Adriano will begin to teach his other chefs how to make the recipe, following the design process of Production.

Evaluation: Finally, after finishing the recipe Zumbo, will reflect on if he managed to achieve his criteria of success and how well he managed the design stages e.g. the design brief.

How he has impacted on or improved our lifestyle:

Adriano Zumbo has impacted and our lifestyle greatly for many reasons. These include:

  • Changing the way we think of pastries and macarons
  • Being able to use unusual foods e.g. pigs blood to create delicious food
  • Zumbo’s creations shows us that, with food nearly anything is possibly