No Promises In The Wind

losing hope

Book Title.

The title of the book is NO PROMISES IN THE WIND. The theme, losing hope, relates to this title because they have no promises given to them. When they leave they are expecting all good things, but they have no idea that this will not be promised to them. Then they start giving up on themselves. When you see the title "No Promises In The Wind" you should think of a sad life. Nothing is guaranteed so these little kids just start losing hope.

Man vs. Nature.

The conflict man vs. nature relates to the theme because nature is the boys' struggle. Since nature is winning they are giving up. They slowly loose hope in themselves. They have to survive The Great Depression, ALONE. Two little kids have to survive basically in the wilderness, outside. They left their family for a better life. But now that this depression is coming on, they are loosing hope.

Contrast Between Characters: Josh and Joey separate.

The main characters, Josh and Joey, get in a huge argument. This argument is because Josh is losing hope so he just freaks out at Joey. I guess Joey has had enough so he leaves. Now Josh is losing hope even more because he is worried he will never see his brother again and it's all his fault. "I don't know how long i stood there. The fever brought strange patterns to my mind, thoughts that spun in circles, repeating themselves over and over as each circle was completed. "My brother is gone, my brother is gone," whirled through my brain..."