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Arctic fox

Arctic fox

location-מקום: the arctic fox lives in the Arctic tundra, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia, and even Iceland.

Habits-הרגלים: Arctic foxes usually mate for life, and both mother and father help raise the pups.

food-מזון: It eats small animals, fish, and seabirds. It will also eat carrion, berries, and seaweed.

Appearance-מראה:It has a deep thick fur. Its body length is from 46 to 68 cm with a rounded body shape to minimize the escape of body heat. It weighs between 2.9 - 95kg.

Life-אורך חיים: The fox usually lives around 3 to 6 years.

Special things-דברים מיוחדים: Arctic foxes change the color of their fur with the seasons. In winter they are white to blend in with the snow, while in the summer they change to brown.

One of the most special and interesting behaviors of Arctic foxes is how they hunt. They have excellent hearing. They have wide, front-facing ears, which help them to find the precise place of their prey under the snow.

When the Arctic fox hears an animal under the snow, it jumps into the air, breaks through the layer of snow and catches the animal.

Playing with my pet arctic fox