By Britton Allen

Disposophobia definition

‘Disposophobia’ has Greek origins ‘Dispos’ means fear of getting rid of personal belongings. Often the word hoarder is mis used by the media and writers when they really should be useing the word Disposopohobia. The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff.

Causes of Disposophobia

Dementia, ADHD, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s,and certain addictions can cause disposophobia. You may also likely to have mild atrophy of the brain. Past negative experience could trigger the fear of getting rid of stuff.

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Symptoms of Disposophia

  1. Feeling restless, having elevated heart rate
  2. Feeling like screaming, running away or hiding rather than throwing away stuff
  3. Feeling extremely distressed, nauseated at the thought of getting rid of stuff

Overcoming Disposophia

  1. anti-obsession medication
  2. CBT or Cognitive behavior therapy
  3. talk therapy
  4. professional cleaning services

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