Bus Boycott

By: Scott Graydon

What started the Bus Boycot

On December 1, 1995 Rosa Parks refused to give her to a white passenger. Don't you picture a women tired of standing and just wanting a little time to sit down. The whites do not. Rosa Parks was arrested.

- Scott Graydon

How long did the Bus Boycott last?

The Bus Boycott lasted exactly 381 days.

How long was Rosa Parks in jail?

Dec. 1, 1955. The courts convicted her of disorderly conduct four days after her arrest.

Why were blacks not allowed equal rights?

The reason why blacks were not treated equal was because, they were slave in the south. Also, if they tried to escape they would get in trouble with their master. This was 92 years after slavery.

That's all Folks.

-Scott Graydon